11th edition of the
International Classic Film Market

From Tuesday 17 to Friday 20 October, 2023


Accreditation in situ:

MIFC in situ accreditation gives you access to a whole range of services, including:

  • a program of editorial meetings
  • networking tools:
    • inclusion in the accredited list
    • access to the digital appointment and messaging module
    • meeting space in the Village
  • convivial receptions:
    • lunches and cocktails
    • MIFC Village café area
    • MIFC party
    • closing lunch
  • additional services for a fee:
    • a booth in the MIFC Village
    • showcase slots
    • private meeting rooms
    • advertising visibility
    • sponsorship and partnerships
  • cinema screenings
    • Market screenings (exhibitor screenings, evening screenings, etc.)
    • Lumière Festival ticketing for 2 screenings per day (maximum) from October 17 to 20 inclusive *

* To have access to the ticket sales for all Lumière Festival screenings (excluding special screenings and subject to availability), you can subscribe, in addition to your MIFC accreditation, to a professional accreditation, at a special price of €40 (instead of €55). This subscription must be made with the Lumière Festival accreditation service


New! Accreditation for Student

For the first time, the International Classic Film Market is creating an accreditation for students studying cinema-related subjects. It gives access to the same services as the in situ accreditation, on presentation of proof of schooling and a short description of the professional project when applying.


Connected Accreditation:

Follow the MIFC and join the classic cinema community remotely thanks to the connected accreditation!

Access to all the content in replay (24 hours delay): round tables, conferences, workshops and line-up, with French/English translation
Access to the appointment booking system to set up meetings with other accredited participants in the market
Referencing in the online professional directory to stay in touch with professionals throughout the year
Access to MIFC documents in PDF format and to daily reports
Access to MIFC visibility offers

Rates 2023 :

Accreditations can be suscribed HERE from June 20, then on site at the MIFC 

AccrEditation IN SITU

> EARLY BIRD - From June 20 to July 12
> Frome July 13 to August 24 165€ VAT EXCL 198€ VAT
> From August 25 to September 21 195€ VAT EXCL 234€ VAT
> From September 22 230€ VAT EXCL 276€ VAT

From July 13, companies representatives coming for the first time to the MIFC
will benefit from a preferential rate (reduction of 10%) by using the promo code NEWCOMER2023. 

Accreditation In situ Student

> From June 20 25€ VAT EXCL 30€ VAT


connectED AccrEditation

> Fixed price 50€ VAT EXCL 60€ VAT


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