10th edition of
International Classical Film Market



Overall Program of MIFC 2022

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 9:45am - 12:30pm 
LINE-UP - Video publishers
Picto LieuxLe Karbone

 12:45pm - 2pm  OPENING LUNCH
Picto LieuxMIFC village. Hosted by INA

Gian Luca Farinelli, director of the Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna.
Interviewer: Gerald Duchaussoy
Picto LieuxLe Karbone

10 editions of the MIFC : retrospect and prospects
With: Thierry Frémaux, General Manager, Institut Lumière
Nathanaël Karmitz, Chairman of the Board, mk2 Marion Lingot, Lawyer, Partner, Fiducial Legal by Lamy Davide Pozzi, Director, L'immagine ritrovatta, L'image retrouvée, Éclair Classics, Haghefilm Frédéric Maire, Director, Cinémathèque Suisse Sandra den Hamer, Director, Eye Film Museum Jérôme Soulet, Catalog Director, Gaumont Anne-Laure Brénéol, Artistic Director and Cinema Division, Malavida Juliette Vigoureux, Consultant for Sustainable Cultural Organizations, La Base Juliette Rajon, Director of the International Classic Film Market
Moderator: Perrine Quennesson, journalist
Picto LieuxMIFC village

 6:30pm - 7:45pm  Cocktail - Hosted by Arcadès
Picto LieuxMIFC village

Country in the spotlight: Spain
NINE LETTERS TO BERTA by Basilio Martin Patino (1966, 1h30, Spain)
In Spanish with French subtitles
Picto LieuxLe Karbone

 From 10pm  The party oF the 10TH EDITION OF THE MIFC  - Hosted by Gaumont
Picto LieuxBistroclub F&K, - 13, place Jules Ferry, 69006 Lyon


 10am - 10:45am  PRESENTATION :
Media call “Audience Development and Film Education”
With: Vincent Soccodato, in charge of the support to European trans-sectoral activities, Relais Culture Europe, Bureau Europe Créative France
Picto LieuxMIFC village

 11am - 12:45pm  ROUNDTABLE
Between restoration funding and broadcasting issues, what complementarity between public actions and private initiatives?
With: Gian Luca Farrinelli (Cineteca di Bologna)
Sophie Seydoux (Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé) Olivier Snanoudj (Warner Bros, Syndicat Franco-Américain du Cinéma, Fédération Nationale des Distributeurs de Films) Arike Oke (BFI) Elodie Drouard (France Télévisions).
Moderator: Laurent Cotillon (Le Film français)
Picto LieuxLe Karbone

 1pm - 2pm  Lunch Hosted by Polish Cinema Classics
Picto LieuxMIFC village

 2:30pm - 4pm  ROUNDTABLE
Resale/repurchase of films or catalogues: What issues? What prospects?
With: Maître Eric Lauvaux, Lawyer, Cabinet Nomos
Sabrina Joutard, Deputy Catalog Manager, Pathé Films Bertrand Van Effenterre, Director, Screenwriter, Producer Diane Cesbron, General Manager, Ciné Capital
Moderator: Isabelle Meunier, Head of Audiovisual Production Contract Negotiation Service / Legal Affairs and Audiovisual Contract Department, SACD / Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques
Picto LieuxLe Karbone

The state of the heritage film industry in countries with low production capacities*
* Europe Creative denomination
With: Antonia Kovacheva, Head of Bulgarian National Film Archive, Bulgarian National Film Archive
Vladimir Trifonov, Programmer, Bulgarian National Film Archive György Ráduly, Director, National Film Institute, Hungary Jean Pierre Borg, Film Literacy Manager, Malta Film Commission Dita Rietuma, Director, National Film Centre of Latvia Nerina Kocjančič, Head Of Promotion & Distribution, Slovenian Film Centre Rastislav Steranka, Director, National Cinematographic Centre / Slovak Film Institute Vladimir Angelov, Director, Cinematheque of the Republic of North Macedonia Jana Mikulevič, Head, Department of Film Promotion, Information and Heritage, Lithuanian Film Centre Marinela Ndria, Director, Albanian National Film Archive, Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror I Filmit Hermelinda Troqea, Head of Restoration, Albanian National Film Archive, Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit
Moderator: Vincent Soccodato, Head of support to European trans-sectoral activities, Relais Culture Europe, Europe Creative France Office
Picto LieuxMIFC village

 4:30pm - 6:30pm  FOCUS - Guest country: SPAIN
With: Sophie de Mac Mahon, Head of Sales, FlixOlé / Video Mercury Films
Diana Santamaría, Distributor, Atalante Cinema Joan Castelló, Manager, El Setanta-nou del Carrer Tallers SL Joxean Fernández, Director, Cinémathèque Basque and member of the selection committee of the San Sebastian Film Festival José Pastor, Head Of Fiction And Cinema, RTVE Pilar Toro, Chief Marketing Officer, Filmin Philippe Chevassu, President, Tamasa Distribution
Moderator: Vicenç Batalla Franch, Web Editor parisBCN

Picto LieuxMIFC village

 6:30pm - 7:45pm  Cocktail - Hosted by Filmoteca Española / Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (Spain)
Picto LieuxMIFC village

Country in the spotlight: Spain
RAPTURE (Arrebato)
by Iván Zulueta (1979, 1h55, Spain)
In Spanish with French subtitles

Picto LieuxLe Karbone



How does the film club approach make it possible to carry out mediation actions around heritage cinema?
:Fanny Beuré, co-creator and co-host of the Podcast and Con é-Club "All that jazz; Lecturer in film studies at the University of Lorraine
Victor Bournerias, Deputy Programmer, Le Grand Action, Paris Manon Kerjean, creator, programmer and moderator of the film club  "Lost in frenchlation" Ramiro Ledo Cordeiro, director of Duplex Cinema, founder and president of PROMIO, the Association of Independent Cinemas of Spain, Atalante Pierre Magne, film programmer, in charge of artistic and cultural education, Lux, Scène nationale de Valence
Sylvain Devarieux, Le Film français
In collaboration with the ADRC and the AFCAE
Picto LieuxLe Karbone

 9:30am - 10:30am  PRIVATE EVENT - Buyers/sellers breakfast
Picto LieuxMIFC village

11am - 12:30pm  CASE STUDY - Canada, Save as.
With: Dominique Dugas, General Manager, Éléphant : mémoire du cinéma québécois Ron Mann, Director, Films We Like Nicolas Dulac, Head of Access, Valorization and Development — Collections, Cinémathèque québécoise Nathalie Bourdon, Director, Distribution and Market Development, National Film Board of Canada Marie-Claude Giroux, Advisor, Partnerships and Business Development, Telefilm Canada
Moderator: Tom McSorley, Executive Director, Canadian Film Institute
Picto LieuxMIFC village

Mes petites amoureuses
by Jean Eustache (1974, 2h03, France, Les Films du Losange)
French version with English subtitles
In attendance of Régine Vial, Les Films du Losange
4K Restoration by L'Image Retrouvée and Eclair Classics.
Rerelease in France by Les Films du Losange
Picto LieuxLe Karbone

 11:30am - 12:30pm  workshop with the CICAE
How to promote the international circulation of classic films in theaters?
The International Confederation of Art Cinemas proposes to explore with the professionals of the MIFC the conditions to be met in order to contribute to a wider diffusion of classic films in the theaters of their network.
With: Erika Borsos, Programming Director, Budapest Film Zrt. and President of the Hungarian Arthouse Cinema Association Ramiro Ledo Cordeiro, director of Duplex Cinema, founder and president of PROMIO, the Association of Independent Cinemas of Spain, Atalante Mira Staleva, Bulgaria - Director of the Cinema House (Dom na Kinoto) in Sofia, General Director of the Sofia Film Festival
Moderator: Boglarka Nagy, General Delegate, CICAE
Picto Lieux Meeting room - Le Karbone
English-language exchanges

 1pm - 2pm  Lunch - Hosted by Telefilm Canada
Picto LieuxMIFC village

 2pm - 3:45pm  CONVERSATION with the CNC
With: Laurent Cormier (CNC) Vincent Florant (CNC) Sabrina Joutard (Syndicat des catalogues de films de patrimoine) Hugues Peysson (Association «Appel des 85») Mathias Hautefort (Syndicat des Editeurs de vidéo à la demande)
Moderator: Florian Krieg (Le Film français)
Picto LieuxMIFC village

Autour de minuit by Bertrand Tavernier (1986, 2h11, France, Warner Bros.)
Original version with French subtitles
In attendance of  Clara Pineau, Warner Bros.
4K Restoration by The Criterion Collection and L’Image Retrouvée
Rerelease in France by Warner Bros.
Picto Lieux Le Karbone

 4:15pm - 5:15pm  CASE STUDY
LeArtekino Classics / European Film Factory: European collaboration for film education
: Paulina Reizi, Coordinator of A Season of Classic Films, on behalf of ACE - Association des Cinémathèques Européennes Claudia Tronnier, Head of Cinema and Fiction, ARTE G.E.I.E. Lucie Guérin, European Film Factory Project Manager  Boglárka Nagy, General Delegate, International Confederation of Arthouse Cinemas - CICAE
Moderator: Claire Brunel, Managing Director, Wim Wenders Stiftung
Picto LieuxMIFC village

Lumière by Jeanne Moreau (1976, 1h41, France, Carlotta Films)
French version without subtitles
In attendance of Carlotta’s team
4K Restoration by the Jeanne Moreau Fondation at the laboratory Cité de Mémoire
Rerelease in France by Carlotta Films
Picto Lieux Le Karbone

 5:30pm - 6:30pm  CASE STUDY
Technical industries faced with the evolution of their businesses. New commercial territories in major developing regions (Asia and Africa).
: Juliette Vivier (Hiventy)
Moderator: Patrice Carré (Le Film français)
Picto LieuxMIFC village

 6:30pm - 7:30pm  COCKTAIL - Hosted by the Institut français
Picto LieuxMIFC village

 8pm  Projection marché
Canada presents:
DIRTY MONEY by Denys Arcand (1972, 1h41, Canada)
In French with subtitles
Picto LieuxLe Karbone



 9am - 1pm  Line-up Right owners and distributors
Picto LieuxLe Karbone

 9am - 12:30pm  ECO-RESPONSIBILITY WORKSHOP - Movie Fresk
Moderator and author: Juliette Vigoureux, Consultant for Sustainable Cultural Organizations, The Base
Picto LieuxMIFC village

 1pm - 2:30pm  CLOSING NETWORKING LUNCH - Hosted by UniversCiné
Picto LieuxRestaurant Marguerite

 2:45pm - 3:15pm  TALK
Presentation of the Cinema Package Preservation file format (EN17650 regulation)
With: Baptiste Heynemann, General Delegate, CST  Jean-Pierre Boiget, Director of Operations, Studiocanal
Picto LieuxMIFC village

 3:30pm - 4:30pm  CONVERSATION
With: Manuel Alduy, director of film and digital and international fiction, France Télévisions
Moderator: Jérôme Soulet (Gaumont)
Picto LieuxMIFC village

 4:30pm - 5:30pm  Final Drink
Picto LieuxMIFC village


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